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The day-to-day operations of Davis Stuart are dependent upon the love and generosity shown by those who care about children. There are many ways you can help us support the teens in our care.

We encourage investors to specify which program(s) they wish to support. 










Support our general budget! Unlike other non-profits, that only designate a portion of your donation to their cause, 100% of your investment goes right back to improving the lives of the teens and families in our care. 

Davis Stuart operates three community-based homes in Bluefield, Maxwelton, and Princeton. Bluefield and

Princeton serves boys and Maxwelton serves girls. 

Christ-centered, spiritual growth opportunities for youth throughout the year.

Day-to-Day Operations

Community-Based Program

Equine Program

Enables teens to explore and evaluate their behavior, learn about choices & consequences, and develop skills for more successful relationship building. 

Spiritual Life Program

Employment Preparation Program

Residents are taught responsibility and the importance of developing their skills, maintaining honesty, following directives, and money management. Residents are paid an hourly wage by Davis Stuart for the work performed. 

Special Activities (includes but not limited to)

Archery, recreation, 'family' fun nights, movies, vacations, etc. 

Fundraising Events

Contribute toward special Davis Stuart fundraising events like the Davis Stuart Horse Show!

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Support Davis Stuart by joining Kroger Community Rewards! 

1) Click the image above.

2) Sign-in or create an account.

3) Select Davis Stuart as your organization of choice.

4) Simply shop at Kroger and they'll do the rest!

You can support Davis Stuart everytime you make purchases through Amazon. Click the picture above to get started!

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