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Teens are taught responsibility and the importance of developing their skills, maintaining honesty, following directives, and money management. 

This worthwhile program is funded entirely by grants and private contributions.


When Davis Stuart was originally founded, it was designed to provide an environment in which children could learn values, habits, manners, and some vocational skills. In keeping with this founding philosophy, Davis Stuart continues to provide a safe, loving home-like environment for children so that they may develop the values and skills to be productive, healthy citizens. 

Residents are paid an hourly wage by Davis Stuart for the work performed. Jobs include painting, cleaning, grounds maintenance, carpentry, oversight of the greenhouse project, distribution of goods from centralized purchasing to the cottages, and so much more. Upon receipt of their paycheck, the resident deposits a percentage into a savings account opened in their name. By this avenue, a resident can save for special purchases they want to make. When leaving Davis Stuart, the remaining balance of their savings is withdrawn and a check of the amount is made payable to the resident. For many, this is the first time they have had the opportunity to develop vocational skills and experience the pride of a well-earned paycheck. 

Davis Stuart strives to maintain this program through benevolence. 

Help us change generational attitudes toward work ethic. Make your investment today!

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