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Davis Stuart applies Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports to improve social, emotional, and academic outcomes  for our residents.


Utilizing the acronym R.I.S.E., the PBIS program at Davis Stuart provides clear expectations and guidelines in order to cultivate a positive, therapeutic environment where teens are encouraged to be respectful, invested, self-disciplined, and engaged.

The success of the PBIS program is dependent upon recognizing and rewarding positive behavior throughout the various activities and transitions of the day.  Our residents are presented with the challenge of behaving appropriately, according to specific guidelines, in each area of our campus and achieving goals related to improving targeted behaviors.

Davis Stuart offers a two-fold incentive program through PBIS.  Residents have the ability to earn points throughout the day for conducting themselves appropriately, according to the guidelines, in each area of our campus.  These points accumulate weekly, and the residents meeting their goals are allowed to participate in regularly scheduled incentive activities. 


Residents may also earn tickets for successfully achieving targeted behaviors.  These tickets can be spent weekly at our campus PBIS store, which allows residents to purchase items of their choice as a reward for their behavioral accomplishments. 


Store items and incentives are offered to residents through grant funding and the generosity of individual donors.  


Make your investment today!

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